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The ACT is standardized test that admission officers use to compare applicants from different schools and different states. The ACT comprises four subject area tests – English, Math, Reading, and Science. The ACT with writing includes an additional 40-minute Writing test. ACT scores are accepted by all the colleges in the US for undergraduate admissions.
The ACT test score range is between 1 and 36. There are two types of scores that fall in this range: your section scores and your composite score.
The section score is the score on each section and is calculated by converting the raw score—the number of questions you answered correctly in a given section—to a scaled score in that 1-36 range.
To make your composite, or overall, score, the test maker then averages your four scores on all sections. This is also scored using the 1-36 ACT scale.


English: 45 mins
Math: 60 mins
Reading: 35 mins
Science: 35 mins
Writing (optional): 40 mins
Reading: 65 mins
Writing and language: 35 mins
Math (no calculator): 25 mins
Math (calculator): 55 mins
Essay (optional): 50 mins